Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Laws of War For Dummies

My co-blogger Cleitus the Black laments the lack of reading material on the laws of war for the curious layperson. I heartily agree and shall be happy to muster a periodic post clariying some general precepts as I understand them, in between my usual rants.

For a start, while there is no decent "Geneva for Dummies" reader, a few helpful books on the laws of war for a general audience have come out in recent years and others are forthcoming. One is Michael Byers, War Law - a rather perfunctory treatment, but short and readable.

Another helpful resources is the Crimes of War website maintained by former journalists Roy Gutman and David Reiff. And then there is of course the website for the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Cleitus and I shall work at getting a "must read" list up and running on this blog. (You hear that, Cleitus?) Stay tuned.

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