Friday, February 15, 2008

Commandant Strips Contractors of Uniforms

Come June 30th, Iraqi patriots fighting against the Coalition occupation will have a few thousand fewer legitimate targets, thanks to the new order from the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General James Conway.

Previously, contractors working with Marines were allowed to wear the distinctive desert digital camouflage uniforms, making them, theoretically, fair game for enemy combatants.

While this might irk Al Qaida in Iraq (or maybe not) it comes as a relief to many Marines who have begrudged seeing the legions of "Death Star Roofers" making a mockery of this spiffy combat uniform.

Fortunately, contractors working with other services will still be able to wear the multi-patterned fatigues of the Army (one-color-fits-none) the Air Force (tiger stripes? digital? why decide when you can just mix them up?) and the Navy (a blue camouflage uniform that blends with the water? Just what I'd like to be wearing when they call "man overboard" in high seas...)

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Diodotus said...

Huh. Is the US military also taking away their arms? Because if they're out of uniform they should not be bearing weapons, or this only further degrades the basic field rules on when the Geneva Conventions apply.

Though, knowing our government, maybe that's the point.

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