Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ha! The Bushies Are Listening

Recently I blogged about the USG's concern over state secrets escaping our territorial borders through the untimely demise of a US spy satellite due to crash-land somewhere on the terrestrial surface in March.

I made the case that one might be as concerned with human life as with the security of our satellite technology.

Seems the Bushies have paid heed to this dose of wisdom. They've decided to shoot down the satellite and justify it by citing the risk to human populations if it should hit land:

"They say the satellite contains a hazardous material which could be fatal if inhaled by humans.

A US general denied claims that the main aim was to destroy secret parts."
In fact, they're bending over backward it seems to claim that destorying satellite secrets has nothing to do with the decision to pull the trigger.
"General James Cartwright said confidential components would be burned up in the atmosphere and, in any case, that would not be a reason for shooting down the satellite."
Of course it's rubbish, but the fact that they feel they must claim it is says a lot about how "human security" is displacing "national security" in "security-speak." It's a good sign - norm change always does begin with hypocrisy. Anyways, it's nice to know the Bushies are paying attention.

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