Thursday, February 21, 2008

Don't You See What is Happening Here, Worf?

I watched my weekly rerun of Star Trek: The Next Generation with the kiddies last night. The parallels with what has been happening to our justice system gave me chills.

Seems like someone had the same reaction about a month ago and helpfully posted sound bites from the same episode, "The Drumhead,"* on YouTube alongside images from our recent political history. I give you the first in what promises to be an ongoing series of ST:TNG clips serving as metaphors for our own condition.

*In "The Drumhead," Starfleet begins an investigation into a possible Romulan conspiracy aboard the Enterprise which rapidly degenerates into a witch hunt. Captain Picard must stand up to his superior officers who are prepared to toss aside the constitutional rights of Federation citizens in the service of Starfleet security.

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