Thursday, December 27, 2007

US Deaths in Iraq at 3,900

So said the AP, a few hours before Bhutto's assassination overtook the headlines. (For a few good points about why Musharraf's cronies, not Islamists, may have been behind it, check out Shadow of the Hegemon.)

But let me not digress. The regular Americans-only body count is not just a distortion of the public's perspective, it's actually a violation of the Geneva Conventions, which mandate that an occupying force account for all casualties in the area under its control.

I liked One Pissed Off Veteran's take on the numbers, posted last Friday:

"Total American dead in the Iraq Illegal Occupation: 3896
Total coalition forces dead: 307
Total Iraqi Dead: 700,000+
Number of days since the illegal occupation of Iraq began: 1752
Number of days since "Mission Accomplished": 1695
Number of days between Pearl Harbor and the end of WWII: Only 1347."

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