Thursday, December 20, 2007

Alex Gibney has released a new documentary about the treatment of detainees in the Global War on Terror.

The film, "Taxi to the Dark Side," which has already won the best documentary award at the Tribeca film festival, will be released in January 2008. Not quite in time to enjoy it with your family over the holidays, but perfect to digest with impressionable middle-schoolers, now being fed a diet of "civics" that includes pledging daily their blind allegiance to our republic.

Of the film, Bill Larsen writes:

Have we, by pursuing such ruthless means, lost the moral high ground in the war on terror and made ourselves less safe? Even more important, have we compromised our own sense of humanity, our democratic values and our effectiveness as a world leader?

In my view, to even phrase these comments in the form of questions is to suggest a desperate naivete about the impact of our government's actions on our standing in the world. The truth is, we should all be more frightened than ever of our enemies.

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