Monday, December 3, 2007

Make Love, Not Greenhouse Gases

In my classes on global governance, I sometimes try valiantly (though often with mixed results) to convince my students of the connection between micro-level gender relations and political outcomes.

As if the impact of the gay ban on military effectiveness wasn't proof enough, I now have evidence that the "defining security threat of our time" is caused by rampant divorce rates.

USA Today reports, in an article entitled "Marriage: Eco-Friendlier Than Divorce":

"Divorce isn't green, says a study being published today. The research... looked at international data comparing utility consumption and housing space per capita in married and divorced households. He found that divorce creates more households with fewer people, using more energy and water and taking up more space."

In addition to technology transfer, adaptation and new emissions targets, should world leaders at the new round of Kyoto talks in Bali consider marriage incentives as a way to offset a nation's carbon emissions?

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