Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bush to Do Too Little, Too Late for War-Fatigued Troops

The Washington Post reported today that President Bush will cut Army tours of duty from 15 to 12 months:

"President Bush plans to announce today that he will cut Army combat tours in Iraq from 15 months to 12 months, returning rotations to where they were before last year's troop buildup in an effort to alleviate the tremendous stress on the military, administration officials said."
Good idea, but not enough. Let President Bush also consider ending the policy of involuntarily extending service-men and women's enlistment contracts beyond their normal ETS. If this war is worth fighting, we should be drafting young single men and women who have not yet served, not forcing those who have to stay in the armed forces beyond the period for which they signed up.

This policy and its effects on troop morale is detailed in this new film. Go check it out.

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