Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fresh Meat

I am delighted to introduce you to our newest co-blogger, a professor of conflict analysis who will be, for the indefinite future, writing under the pseudonym Empedocles.

Named after the Greek philosopher who synthesized the opposing views of Hermenides and Parmenides on whether change is possible, Empedocles specializes in non-state actors' roles in mediating or fomenting complex conflicts, partiularly those for which social identity (religious, ethnic, and so on) plays a major role.

No doubt Empedocles' musings on conflict prevention and track two diplomacy will be a welcome complement to Cleitus the Black's rants about counterinsurgency and statecraft, and Diodotus' ramblings on international law and global governance. We look forward to many interesting debates.

Please extend her/him a warm welcome!


Diodotus said...

Ha. I see that "Empedocles" has already put both Cleitus and I to shame by writing a deep, substantive essay. I better dig into my intellectual pockets for something more than the Star Trek clip I was planning to post this week...


Good to have you on board.

LFC said...

Not to be pedantic, diodotus, but you should have said "put both Cleitus and *me* to shame." There are a few things -- a *very* few things -- I cannot let pass without comment, and this is one of them. (Unfortunately, you are in very good company here, as the locution in question has become fairly common.)

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