Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gitmo Psychologists

Earlier this month, Wikileaks publicized the USG's operations manual for the running of the Gitmo detention center. Last weekend, Stephen Soldz of Psyche, Science and Society and Julian Assange penned an op-ed about the document, entitled "Guantanamo Document Confirms Psychological Torture: Will the APA Protest?"

They write:

"It is time for the APA to stop word parsing and make clear, unequivocal statements about what in their view is and is not ethical. I, for one, feel that the use of isolation, is well over the line into unethical territory. Does APA agree?"

While the use of psychological expertise to abet human rights violations is certainly unethical, one wonders what these authors hope the APA will accomplish by taking a position on broader matters of US policy. The purpose of such associations are to provide guidelines for practitioners in a profession, not to pronounce on national security matters.

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